'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 58 Spoilers: Death Arrives For Black Goku? [VIDEO]

Dragon Ball Super has just gotten better and better over the last few weeks, with the rematch against Black Goku and Zamasu delivering more than enough action for the anime's avid fans. With Episode 58 coming next, numerous speculations are abounding about the events that the next episode will hold.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 Recap

The last episode of Dragon Ball Super certainly delivered in the action department. From the time Zamasu entered the picture, it was nonstop, intense action. With Vegeta out for the count, Son Goku and Future Trunks were left to face Black Goku and Zamasu alone. Unfortunately for the heroes, the two villains are far more powerful than they could handle.

In fact, if it wasn't for Vegeta's timely interference, Son Goku and Future Trunks might have easily died under the hands of Black Goku and Zamasu. With the heroes defeated, they returned back to the present day, where they are left with no other option but to regroup.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 Preview

One thing was very clear in the preview of Dragon Ball Super Episode 58 - Zamasu is on his way to confront the Omni King himself. While the God of Everything himself did not appear in the preview, his appearance is all but certain in the next episode.

Zamasu also seems to be ready to strike down the Omni King, as seen in the footage of him demanding information about the Super Dragon Balls. One thing that seems to be missing, however, is Black Goku.

Black Goku to Die in Next Episode?

While rather outlandish, a number of Dragon Ball Super fans are speculating that the appearance of the Omni King in the next episode would also signify the death of Black Goku. The villain has been tampering with time repeatedly, and as Whis and Beerus previously stated, the Omni King has a very low tolerance for those who tamper with something as sacred as time.

Thus, while slim, there is a chance that the Omni King would immediately destroy Black Goku once the god appears. If any, Dragon Ball Super has featured numerous surprises over the last few weeks. Thus, something as drastic as Black Goku's death might actually be plausible. 

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