'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Spoilers: Does New Trailer Accidentally Reveal Who Is NOT Negan's Victim? [VIDEO]

The producers and everyone else behind The Walking Dead have been trying to keep the identity of Negan's (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) victim from the season six finale a secret for months, but a new trailer put out by the show may have accidentally helped fans solve the mystery just a little bit more.

In a new promo for the season, which kicks off on October 23rd with the big reveal, Negan is giving a speech about how the world works under his rule, and several scenes of characters who are established to still be alive are flashed across the screen. However, one of those quick scenes, in a blink and you'll miss it moment, may actually show a member of Negan's lineup as they fight some zombies, meaning that even if death does come their way-it won't be by Negan's baseball bat Lucille.

The scene shows a man who appears to have reddish colored hair struggling underneath a walker, roughly around the 20 second mark. And while it isn't a clear look at the man's face, there could be a chance that the red hair is the only giveaway fans need, because of the main characters from Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) group of survivors and people from Alexandria, only one to date has the same shade of red hair-Abraham (Michael Cudlitz).

If that scene does in fact show Abraham struggling with a walker, it would mean he isn't the one who Negan killed in the finale, despite earlier evidence which all seemed to suggest he was one of the most likely targets or victims, tied with Glen (Steven Yuen) for the title of most likely to meet such a brutal and violent death.

Previous evidence seemed to suggest either character, or even both, were the victims who met their ends, especially Cudlitz, who was allegedly only spotted on set to film the season seven premiere episode (where the identity is going to be revealed), but wasn't seen since. In addition, in the comics the show is based on, his character was supposed to die the same way Doctor Denise (Merritt Weaver) did in the show's sixth season, with an arrow to the eye, which has made many wonder if the show decided to spare him that death, just to give him a more impactful one later on.

However, if that was in fact him in the trailer, speculation immediately can fall heavily towards being where Glen winds up dying.

The Walking Dead season seven premieres October 23 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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