'Killjoys' Season 3: Delle Seyah, Alive Or Dead? Michelle Lovretta Answers Your Burning Questions [VIDEO]

If there's one thing we know about sci-fi shows, it's that you always - always - need to confirm your kill. No body, no death. It's a simple rule that any Killjoy should know, but one that Johnny Jaqobis ignored in his quest for revenge.

Delle Seyah (Mayko Nguyen) ended season 2 bleeding out in an alley, but she left fans with a sly little smile that smacked of survival. We've seen Sixes battle the current of the River Styx, but what of Qreshi royalty? According to series creator Michelle Lovretta, you should "never count out a Queen."


"I won't go into specifics but I left a lot of breadcrumbs on the path in Episode 10 that give you signs of Delle Seyah's fate-chief of them being her smile, but also what seems like a throwaway conversation she has with her guard," Lovretta told The TV Junkies. "If I have my way, Delle Seyah is not finished with us and we are not finished with her. In a lot of ways, she's just beginning - that's why we don't end on a shot of John walking away, we end on her."

In other words, Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) just went on the lamb for his mental health alone (not a bad reason, just not the one he consciously intended). Should Delle Sayah survive the hiatus, Lucy's favorite pilot will be back before you know it.

"Obviously, he's one of our amazing trio of leads and going to be back in short order, but I needed him to have the chance of a new vista and the opportunity to kick the dust off his boots and look at what he's done, what this season was about for him and come back to us a really composed, grounded character with maybe some scars that will make him a more valuable asset to the team," Lovretta teased.

Head back to the Quad when Killjoys returns to Syfy next summer.

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