'The Flash' Season 3: Will Tom Cavanagh's Harrison Wells Appear In The Premiere? Official Answer [VIDEO]

The Flash's Tom Cavanagh will cool his heels as Barry Allen takes on the Flashpoint universe.

Cavanagh has donned many a hat in the DC TV universe, portraying everyone from Eobard Thawne to Earth-2's Harrison Wells, aka Harry. Unfortunately, the Scarlet Speedster's (Grant Gustin) stint in the Flashpoint timeline will be brief, and there apparently won't be much time to introduce another iteration of Wells.

" There is no sign of nor reference to any Cavanagh characters in the Oct. 4 opener," TV Line announced on Monday.

Color us disappointed. We'd love to see Wells go head to head with Cisco (Carlos Valdes) the tech mogul. There is always a chance an iteration of the STAR Labs founder will appear in "Paradox" or episode 3, but it seems unlikely. The first time the actor appeared in any set photos was during the table read for episode 4, which takes place back in Barry's original reality (see photo below).

When Earth-2 Wells does return, it sounds as if Cavanagh will add another hat to his collection. The Flashpoint drama won't last long, but it will have a lasting affect on the series and its characters. Apparently, Harry won't escape unscathed.

"We won't go into depth, but all we'll say is to give Tom Cavanagh another opportunity to reinvent this character is such an amazing, fun experience," executive producer Todd Helbing told Flash TV News.

Click the video below to see a preview of the season 3 premiere and find out what lies ahead for Barry and co. in "Flashpoint."

"When Barry chooses to save his mother from dying from Reverse-Flash, he creates an alternate timeline where he gets to experience this life that he never lived, and that includes having both of his parents alive and growing up with them, but at the same time, the core relationships he had before he did that, he doesn't have anymore," Helbing teased.

The Flash will return to The CW on Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. ET.

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