Ipad Mini 5: What to expect from this device,a review

IPad Mini 5 is  the new addition to Apple's iPad series that is not released yet. Let's take a look on what this new gadget has to offer.

Today, in the era of modern technology new gadgets can be considered as one great tool to make our lives easier in terms of communication and other daily activities. 

And as years pass by, many gadget manufacturers worldwide are continuously making new products that can help the people in so many ways. Tablets are one of the most popular devices of this generation.

It was year 2012 when Apple decided to make a gadget called iPad mini. It is a tablet that lets you surf the Internet and download your favorite applications and music tracks like what you are doing on your laptop.  

IPad mini have four previous versions and each version has different specs and fantastic features to offer, that's why this piece of gadget is continously trending all over the world and it captured the hearts of tech wizards and teenagers.The target release date of iPad Mini 5 is on March 2017, as reported by iTechPost .

What is the difference between this latest version from the previous iPad version? What are the new specs? Here are some information about this powerful gadget  as reported by MacWorld

IPad Mini 5 is running at iOs 10 operating system, it is the updated operating system of the latest gadgets manufactured by Apple. 

The screen is 3D Touch pressure sensitive like IPhone 6s but experts think that this device has no headphone port just like iPhone 7, it seems that Apple is doing this major modification in features and design of their latest products. This tablet is slimmer and has a longer battery life than iPad mini 4.  

Apple Inc has proven its legacy for some years now, their products are trending worldwide when it comes to high-tech gadgets like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

We wouldn't be surprised if the company will still be recognized as one of the famous makers of modern electronic devices worldwide as years passed by, or as long as the people is fond of using high-tech devices.  

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