Paris Jackson's diamond ring suggests engagement to Michael Snoddy?

It is a little bit early to predict the six-month relationship of Paris Jackson and Michael Snoddy. Although the exhibitions of love are so fast and so hot, the millennial couple still values what old couples do before; giving promise rings to each other. As in the case of Paris, she was seen with a diamond ring, which is for engagement purposes. So is this leading to the next level of their relationship?

Mirror already has a rundown of events as Paris and Michael were seen together in Malibu. The two lovebirds are with their casual sports attire ready for the gym. Seemingly catching every cameraman's attention is the diamond ring worn on Paris' left ring finger. But it is still a rumor for Paris as she denies the engagement and the ring itself. Moreso, she emphasizes it to be the "ring that she normally wears along with other rings she wears on different fingers".

For this couple, they have been sharing photos of their love and feelings for each other in social media in a recent article from Hollywood Take. On Paris' birthday last April, they kissed and posted their celebration for everyone to see. Even on their photo shoot for Troy Jensen, there was no rule but to fill Snoddy's face with black lipstick. In expressing their love, Paris and Michael hold no bars, and in this, they are added on to the 'it' list.

Paris' passion may be accounted to her love for art and beauty. She believes in the uniqueness of art and beauty in the perspective of the author or painter.In a recent interview, she believes in the realities of life and how one copes with it is a choice. As a Picasso fan, she explained that some may, in fact, would disagree with your works, but it is in 'realism' that true beauty will be seen.

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