Ben Stiller: How Prostate Cancer Changed his Life?

American actor, Ben Stiller recently revealed that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer 2 years ago, and the tumor was surgically removed three months after the diagnosis. On his latest blog post, the actor revealed that medical experts used a prostate specific antigen blood test identified as PSA to cure his prostate related illness.According to him he is such a lucky guy because the cancer was detected at the early stage and he chose to do the desired treatment imediately, He is now completely healthy and cancer free.

 Stiller undergo the treatment when he was 40, and he was free from the illness since then. According to the doctors from the American Cancer Society, the prostate blood test should be done when a man is at the age of 50 because in that period men have the higher risk of having prostate cancer, but if a man has a father or a fellow relative who was diagnosed with prostate cancer at an early age, he should undergo the medical examination when he reached the age of 45,according to reports of CNN.

 Now let me give you an idea what is prostate antigen blood test, why it is done? This medical examination is a type of blood test conducted on men to detect if they have prostate cancer, as prostate cancer is the major cause of death in men, especially in the United States.

PSA test can measure the level of the prostate antigen of a man and if he had the higher level of PSA. If you have a high level of PSA in your blood, there is a risk of having prostate cancer, as posted on MayoClinic

If you have prostate cancer just like Ben Stiller, you must be strong,don't lose hope and look for other medical procedures that can help you cure the sickness, and lastly you must  have strong faith in God, always remember that He will always help you in many ways just constantly believe in His will and power of healing, always be positive and you will surely win the battle against cancer.    

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