Meri Brown may truly be on her way out the door and leaving Kody Brown and the empire her family built with Sister Wives for good.

According to new reports, Kody's first and formerly only legal wife is once again stepping outside of the family and has begun to date a new man, this time, one from Hawaii.

According to Life & Style (via Hollywood Life), Meri is dating a man who lives in Hawaii, and she's gone most of the time to spend time with him, and she may alreadyb have one foot completely out the door.

"She's always gone now. She's always traveling. Meri has wanted to leave for the past year and a half. She's done," a source said.

The news comes not long after reports that three of Kody's four wives were ready to leave him because they were livid that he was considering courting a fifth, and potentially even a sixth wife, in the interest of saving their show, and the new report claims that Meri's new romance is her way of making it possible to do just that.

If the report is true, it isn't the first time that Meri would have tried stepping out on Kody and tried leaving the family. Last year, she got caught up in a nasty scandal after her online relationship with a man she thought was named Sam was exposed, and turned out to instead be a woman named Jackie who had been catfishing the reality TV star.

If she has begun dating another man, Meri seems to be hiding the romance better than the flirtation she shared with her catfisher before she learned the truth. At the time, Meri often shared tweets and other social media messages with "Sam's" handle @notbatmanyet several times. Now, she has not shared anything that appears to suggest a new romance, with her latest tweets about anything exciting posting last month with a promise she had big news to share with her fans-thought the news itself never seemed to materialize.

Kody and Meri have been married for 25 years. They were legally married until the end of 2014, when they divorced so Kody could legally marry Robyn instead, in a bid to officially adopt her three children from her first marriage.