Samsung to cease Galaxy Note 7 production

After a series of incidents that happened involving Galaxy Note 7, the manufacturer of this smartphone finally decided to recall the production and sales of this product worldwide. Samsung decides to do this action for the safety of its consumers, after the fire incident that happened during the lab test of the device in Singapore.

According to Samsung they minimized the production and sales of the gadget as they are still doing or conducting further investigations regarding the explosive incidents but the consumers safety is their top priority, that's why they come to a decision of stopping the production and sales of Galaxy Note 7 in the global market, as reported by BBC.

The company is constantly committed in looking for further solutions to resolve this dangerous situation with the help of technical experts and regulatory authorities, for additional safety of the consumers who already purchase that particular device the company is encouraging them to stop using the gadget, they are even willing to give a refund or replace the gadget with other new devices from Samsung according to reports of Samsung Newsroom.

This situation puts the company"s credibility on a test now, since they are one of the top gadgets manufacturers worldwide and known as one of the most credible smartphone makers. When they launched the device, they  consider that it can be the strong competitor of other smartphones in the international market  particularly iPhone 7 from Apple Inc because of its amazing new features.

However, because of the reported explosions/ fire incidents involving Note 7 they first recall $2.5 million worth of the smartphones to protect their brand image and to secure the safety of the consumers as well. Is this a sign that the Galaxy 8 will become make up for the errors that Galaxy 7 has committed?


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