Gilmore Girls On Netflix: Watch New Revival Series & Other Stuff To Do Besides Shop On Black Friday [VIDEO]


The turkeys have been eaten and stomachs stuffed with food, and the last thing some of us want to do is actually go shopping, even if Black Friday bargains are really good and seriously tempting.

But thankfully there are other things we can do instead of shop (retail employees might actually thank us for it!). And since we're probably all still sitting in food comas, nothing sounds better than vegging out on the couch and watching TV all day. But what should we watch?

Here are 5 things to watch so you avoid shopping on Black Friday:

Friends Thanksgiving Episodes Marathon

Ideally, you already watched this yesterday, because if any show did Thanksgiving episodes well, it was definitely Friends. But if you didn't, make sure to catch them now. Watch them in order, or out of order. There's no right way to do it because they're all awesome. Also-5 hours of TV.

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

FINALLY the revival of Gilmore Girls is available on Netflix. FINALLY we'll get to find out just what the heck has been going on with everyone's lives since we last visit Stars Hollow. Four episodes. Four seasons. 90 minutes each. 6 entire hours of prime TV watching. Sounds perfect. Combined with Friends we're already at 11 hours of TV!

Love Actually

Maybe you don't want to shop, but you might already be getting into the Holiday Spirit. Need to watch some holiday movies? Start with this classic ensemble one.

Home Alone

Then, after watching Love Actually, move on to the ultimate classic Christmas Movie which defined your childhood.


Finally, finish your day off by watching Elf, because no Christmas movie is quite as funny as this Will Ferrell comedy.

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