'Tokyo Ghoul' Release Update: Season 3 Faces Cancellation Threat Amid Making Of 'Tokyo Ghoul' Movie Adaptation; Kaneki Likely No More

Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most successful animes, and the success of the first and second season ensured fans would be hyped up for the third. There are only speculations as of now, pertaining to the actual release date of the next season. The second season of the anime ended in a cliffhanger, with many people assuming that Kaneki is dead.

In the last episode of Tokyo Ghoul: Root A, Kaneki met with an unassumed end when he faced the most powerful Ghoul exterminator, Arima, known as the Reaper of CCG. This has created eagerness for the third season even more, now since Tokyo Ghoul is a worldwide sensation.

As for the existing story, Kaneki Ken, the protagonist of the series, seems to have been crowned the One Eyed King. This title is only given to the secret leader of Aogiri Tree, which is a ghoul terrorist organisation fighting against CCG.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 was announced this year, and Opptrendz reported a new season for 2016. However, with 2016 almost over, there has been no signs of the anime.

It is speculated that the delay may be attributed to the fact that the management of the publishing studio is changing. The third season would be released sometime in March 2017, Ecumenical News says. 

Other rumors are floating around about a Tokyo Ghoul movie adaptation, adding to the injury of the delay of the third season. It is speculated that since the creation of the movie is underway, there is not enough manpower to produce and direct the series as of yet.

Sui Ishida, the mangaka of Tokyo Ghoul wants to stick with the overall theme of the story, and this might have led to the delay in producing the anime.

So far, the manga has progressed quite a lot, and it seems that the title of the One-Eyed King has passed from Arima to Kaneki. Although Arima was a CCG officer, it seems that he secretly led the Aogiri Tree as its One-Eyed King. Kaneki, after the events of the second season, joined CCG as an investigator.

The anime world has to wait till March 2017 to find out what transpires in the anime. Stay tuned for more Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 updates.


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