Biggest TV Moments 2016: 8 Huge Reveals No One Saw Coming On 'Game of Thrones,' 'Westworld,' & More [PHOTO]


Great TV is the kind that always keeps fans guessing about what's coming, and manages to make them often shocked as events unfold-and some of the best of 2016 TV did exactly that. 

From shows on cable channels, major networks, and streaming services, the surprises were huge in every way imaginable, and they all kept fans talking long after the scenes came to an end. Here are 8 of the biggest moments from TV this year: 

Rory Is Pregnant, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (Netflix) 

Fans never expected the famous "final four words" to be the ones they were when the final episode of the Netflix revival aired-where Rory told her mother she was pregnant, presumably with Logan's child. While the reveal made some sense, with the story that started the original series seeming to come full circle, it was also a reveal that infuriated fans because it seemed like an abrupt and incomplete end to the show 

Bernard Is Artificial, Westworld (HBO) 

A show that reveled in shocking twists and turns certainly took fans by surprise when it revealed that the head of Delos' programming division was in fact a host himself, and not a real human. 

Frank Is Shot, House Of Cards (Netflix) 

Someone was finally able to teach Frank Underwood a lesson about how his manipulations and machinations which led to his becoming President of the United States wouldn't be something he could get away with forever. Lucas had followed the trail and realized Frank himself had killed Zoe, and took matters into his own hands by trying to assassinate him. And while he wasn't entirely successful (obviously Frank couldn't die), his target was in a coma, and the entire world of the show was quickly turned upside down.  

How The Characters Are All Connected, This Is Us (NBC)

Granted this new hit series is actually succeeding at surprising fans in literally every single episode with its twists and turns, but the very first big twist and reveal-that the story was taking place across multiple timelines and the main characters are in fact all related to one another-was as epic as all the others that came after it, even if it wasn't quite as heart-wrenching as most of the others have been.  

The Truth About Hodor, Game of Thrones (HBO) 

Mostly all of the show's characters had their back stories explored or at least alluded to throughout the show-except for gentle giant Hodor, who helped protect Bran for so long, but only knew how to say his own name, Hodor. When the truth about how he actually came to be Hodor was finally revealed (and in an absolutely heartbreaking way) it was one of the biggest reveals the show had sprung in season 6.  

Liza Comes Clean To Kelsey, Younger (TV Land)  

After Josh's proposal plans for Liza went up in smoke (and their entire relationship seemed to come to an emotional end), Liza continued the bombshell surprises by admitting the truth about her age to Kelsey-who will have to process the truth in season 4 and decide if she'll help keep her secret.  

Jon Is Alive, Game of Thrones (HBO) 

It never really seemed like Game of Thrones would really kill Jon Snow of all people, though the show seemed to try and convince everyone of it. So when Melisandre resurrected him it didn't seem too surprising, though it did have other big implications for the character's future-including the end of season reveal about just who his actual parents were.  

Greg Leaves, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW) 

One of the best singers and one-third of the show's major love triangle suddenly exited the series at the beginning of the second season, when Greg decided to leave his friends and Rebecca all behind in California to pursue his dreams of an education at Emory-of course not before an amazing number at the airport where Rebecca tries to convince him to stay, and he instead declared their entire romance a "s**t show" before leaving. It was later confirmed that the character wouldn't be coming back, meaning Team Greg shippers would have to accept that the relationship was never meant to be.  

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