AMC has finally dropped the first official trailer of Better Call Saul Season 3! From the looks of it, this might be the much-awaited time that fans are about to see the transformation of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) to the "Breaking Bad" criminal lawyer Saul Goodman.

The television crime drama series' new trailer only runs for 15 seconds, but it gives fans what they wanted to see. It seems aptly what they are expecting for, seeing the not-so-good side of the famous attorney.

As analyzed by the Collider, it noted that Better Call Saul Season 3's teaser has a meaning that's been hiding on its details. Seeing that Jimmy is being mug shot by a police officer, it seems giving focus on the details, the camera's model, from the law enforcer's uniform and his background.

The show's trailer also gives emphasize to the words criminal and lawyer that might be a hint of his transformation. However, SlashFilm reported that it is not yet sure if the revealed short clip is an exact scene from the television series or just a promotional video.

Also, it is not revealed why Jimmy is being mugged shot and inside a police station in Better Call Saul Season 3's trailer. Some think that it has a connection with the previous season's finale where Chuck (Michael McKean) has recorded his conversation with his brother.

Chuck tried to persuade Jimmy to admit the crimes he did when he manipulated the court files. Little did the protagonist know, he was being secretly recorded that his older brother would use against him. Evidently, this is the length that Chuck is ready to go through just to destroy Jimmy.

This particular scene is what comes to mind when Jimmy is seen arrested in Better Call Saul Season 3' teaser unless he is up to something that is not yet revealed. The trailer, too, teased that the show is about to return in the spring on AMC.