Their lives are based off the beliefs of their religion, but despite that, the Brown family from Sister Wives is still supportive of daughter Mariah, who has come out as gay,.

The revelation came at the end of the show's Jan. 1 episode, and the reactions of her father, Kody, biological mother Meri and other moms Janelle, Christine and Robyn were reserved for the Jan. 8 episode, where Janelle and Robyn immediately seemed to support Mariah, while Kody, Meri and Christine seemed a little more reluctant at first.

"She just drops it like a bomb, and we're like, 'Oh,'" Kody said. "Janelle and Robyn are already there, going, 'I'm so glad you found yourself.' They're celebratory. I'm still in a state of processing this."

Meri also appeared shocked and as if she wasn't finding it easy to accept, initially being stunned her daughter didn't tell them earlier.

"This is a little unexpected. I did not see this coming... Kind of surprises me that she's know for so long and hasn't said anything to us," she said.

However, on social media, the family all seems to now be sharing that they are extremely supportive of Mariah and who she is-with Kody saying he was happy that she could feel safe being who she was within the family:




Meri has since become protective of her daughter, warning anyone who speaks badly about her daughter will face the consequences, and also maintaining that she did struggle at first with the revelation, but she understands it much better now:





Janelle remarked that she felt it was wonderful Mariah would have a chance to marry one day if she chose, just like the rest of her siblings:


Robyn has expressed her understanding that it was hard for Mariah to come out, but she's proud of her for doing so:


Sister Wives airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on TLC.