CBS network's police procedural drama series, NCIS: Los Angeles, returned on televisions the other day, and it was just the beginning of another set of episodes that are definitely going to excite fans and followers of the action drama series.

Just this Sunday, the CBS show came back and aired its twelfth episode for the eight season entitled 'Kulinda', where it featured character Sam Hanna, portrayed by actor LL Cool J, to go undercover for the investigation of the culprit behind a councilman's bodyguard murder.

The episode also featured Daniela Ruah's character, Kensi Blye with the team's psychologist, where she had faced some questions regarding her recovery and if she would be able to come back on her job and be a hundred percent capable. She subsequently begged for her job and her future with it and the character's struggle in the episode was really shown in the episode.

According to a report from Glamour, NCIS: Los Angeles stars Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen, who plays the character Marty Deeks, have shared in an interview that the story involving Special Agent Kensi Blye and her mental and emotional struggles has been an important part of the storyline this season.

"It's really a wonderful thing that they are taking the time to highlight a character as strong as Kensi", Olsen mentioned. He added that he appreciates and has been praising Ruah for portraying a very important role in the series.

It was also reported that Ruah feels like she is being inspired by the character on the show, saying This is one of the most intense and rewarding arcs I've played on this show. She is me; I am her. I really like being able to show emotions that I don't normally feel."

According to the aforementioned source, the next episodes of the second part of season 8 is going to feature more of Kensi and a possibility of her returning to her job on NCIS and how she will recover and go back to her normal life.

Meanwhile, a report from TV Line suggested that it will not be a long time when the viewers finally find out the mole or moles, on the team. Actor Chris O'Donnell, who portrays one of the main characters, Special Agent G. Callen, revealed that they have already filmed the episode where his character finds out that someone close to him is not who he thought the person was.

Although the actor did not reveal further details about the said mole, he assured that the next incoming episodes will be more exciting as more revelations are going to be revealed.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 13, is scheduled to air on January 15, 2017 on CBS.