She had blacked that night out from drinking so much, but now, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) has realized just what it is she has done, and may find herself looking to Julian (William DeVry) as an ally on General Hospital.

Alexis now recalls her entire struggle with Tom Baker outside Gene's Roadhouse the night of his murder, and remembers his attempt to attack her-and how she got a hold of the knife he held against her, and now she remembers that she may have killed him in self-defense. She came to her recollection however as she was with her ex-husband, and in a state of paranoia while she dealt with the memories flooding back as she passed out of a drunken state.

Now, she will freak out to Julian as she remembers what happened, and may start to find herself depending on him as she tries to figure out how to handle what happened-which if it gets out, will forever destroy her chances of getting her law license reinstated.

"I killed Tom Baker!" She cries in a preview clip for the Tuesday, Jan, 10 episode.

However, Julian isn't the only one who has figured out the potential truth. Franco (Roger Howarth) knows he is the prime suspect in the murder, and has been doing some investigating of his own. Now, after seeing a Facebook post of Tom and Alexis together at the bar the night he was killed, Franco is wondering if Alexis may be hiding more than just her drinking problem from everyone.

"She's been hiding her drinking, maybe she's hiding something else," he says to Scott (Kin Shriner) in the clip.

General Hospital airs Monday-Friday at 3 p.m. on ABC.