ABC's mystery legal drama television series, How To Get Away With Murder, is one of the highly anticipated shows to come back this year. It is set to return on the small screens this month so the viewers are really more than excited to see the incoming events.

After leaving the fans and followers with a lot of questions left hanging on November last year, during the midseason finale, the second part of the third season is expected to have more revelations, more thrilling events and scenarios that can answer the cliffhanging parts on the previous airing.

One of the most looked forward revelation, still, would be that of Wes Gibbin's (Alfred Enoch) murder. Although few fans think about the possibility that maybe Wes has killed himself, majority of the viewers have been thinking that Wes was really killed by someone.

According to a report from Broadway World, the official synopsis for the upcoming winter premiere, episode 10, was already released online. It said that the episode is going to feature the main protagonist, Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) and how she is going to accept the new life she has behind the bars.

But as mentioned, fans are looking forward for the revelation of Wes' killer's identity. It has been reported before that there will be a lot of shocking events in the upcoming episode. Some fans have also been speculating that the culprit might be one from the Keating 5.

It has been speculated that Connor Walsh, portrayed by actor Jack Falahee, is Wes' possible killer. It can be recalled that during the recent episodes, Connor has been cold and distant to Wes and has been acting like he hates his guts, especially on this current season. This was why the speculations about him being the killer has been heating up.

However, as much as fans wanted to watch already the winter premiere episode, it has been reported by Entertainment Weekly that the air date for episode 10 with the title, "We're Bad People" has been moved. The network, ABC has decided to push the schedule to a later date, exactly one week from its original air date.

This is because of a pre-inauguration special airing on ABC News that resulted for all of the ABC series scheduled that day to delay its scheduled airing.

How To Get Away With Murder season 3 episode 10 is now set to air on January 26, 2017.