'Survivor' Season 34: Will Cirie Fields Or Ozzy Lusth Win On Their Fourth Season? [POLL, VIDEO]

Survivor: Game Changers features the return of two players who have already played the game three times.

Cirie Fields and Ozzy Lusth are back for their fourth seasons of Survivor, respectively, in the upcoming Survivor: Game Changers. The pair joins a very small club that includes Rob Mariano and Rupert Boneham as four-time Survivor players. Neither Cirie nor Ozzy has won the game before despite coming very close on multiple occasions.

So will the fourth time be the charm for one of them this spring? Let's break down their chances.

Cirie Fields

Cirie is often considered one of the best players to ever compete on Survivor, especially among those who haven't won. In her first season, Survivor: Panama, she struggled with the elements of the game before quickly picking up on the strategy of how to succeed. She made it all the way to fourth place after losing a tiebreaker fire-making challenge, and was just a few days away from possibly winning the game.

She returned for Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites and dominated with her Black Widow Brigade of women. Cirie made a very compelling case for herself as a viable winner but when it was revealed that that season would conclude with a Final 2 instead of a Final 3, she saw her dreams dashed after losing the final Immunity Challenge. Cirie would then return for Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains but did not have the same success as her first two seasons, becoming the fourth person voted out after being perceived as a strategic threat.

Cirie does have that reputation of being a mastermind strategist so she may struggle in Survivor: Game Changers. But her infectious personality and persuasive skills could allow her to form a coalition like her first two seasons. She would have to be careful in the home stretch, but Cirie could very well find herself in the winners circle finally in her fourth season.

How far will Cirie get in 'Survivor: Game Changers'?

Ozzy Lusth

Ozzy has had a decidedly different path from Cirie in his first three seasons. His strengths most lie in his physical prowess and provider instincts, and his likable presence in Survivor: Cook Islands was a huge asset. As part of the underdog Aitu Four, he made it all the way to the Final 3 and came within one vote of winning the game, losing to the brainier Yul Kwon.

Ozzy crossed paths with Cirie in Survivor: Micronesia - Fans vs. Favorites, and their relationship was rocky to say the least. Ozzy was in a majority alliance with Cirie through most of the pre-merge, but some of his more arrogant tendencies began to display eventually. He showed himself to be a huge challenge threat and shortly after the merge, Cirie decided to flip things and get him out of the game, finishing in ninth place. Ozzy then came back for Survivor: South Pacific and again showed his physical skills. He helped create a strong alliance and ultimately went to Redemption Island twice, where he battled his way back into the game twice. While his gameplay was limited, he came within one challenge of making it to the Final Three, but eventual winner Sophie Clarke beat him and he was voted out in fourth place.

Ultimately, Ozzy has a higher average placement than Cirie and he could very well get far again in Survivor: Game Changers. His challenge strength is undeniable, though it has been a few years since South Pacific so it remains to be seen if any of that has diminished. Getting to the end might be tough considering he's perceived as one of the best challenge competitors in Survivor history, but there is a scenario where he could win his way to the end of the game.

How far will Ozzy get in 'Survivor: Game Changers'?

Survivor: Game Changers premieres Wednesday, March 8 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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