'Tokyo Ghoul' News: Season 3 Premiere Likely In March; What Fans Can Expect Next [TRAILER]

Some Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 rumors seem fun and intriguing for some viewers but there are also others predictions that do not come to approval by the fans. For example, one of the rumors which aroused negative comments is the change of focus from Ken Kaneki to a Touka Kirishima.

Also, Tokyo Ghoul Root A didn't follow the original material and that resulted in a great dissatisfaction with the fans. As a consequence, it didn't meet their expectation.

One more, not such great decision was to turn aside from manga and that turn to be a bad idea, according to the comments. For that reason, the next sequel will definitely return to manga, just to make sure that it doesn't share the same destiny as the second one.

Some reports say that Studio Pierrot maybe won't take over the third sequel as it has done with the first two. So, that means that the fans will probably have to wait patiently for the upcoming Season 3.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 release date is still unconfirmed and some people think that the odds of it happening in the near future are pretty slim. However, there are some indications that the rest of the episodes will be completed soon and that Season 3 will be released in March 2017. Fans around the world hope that this rumor proves to be true.

Besides that, rumor has it that a new ghoul investigator will reportedly show up in the long-awaited new season. His name supposed to be Haise Sasaki but as many will realize later, his true identity is actually Ken Kaneki - he has taken over this new identity because of his memory problems.

According to some reports, it seems that this postponement of the release date happened because there is no sufficient material which should be used for the next installment. Also, another reason might also be series involvement with franchise's manga series that caused the delay.

The most recent rumor is that Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 will be taken over by Madhouse Entertainment. And that could be seen as one of the possible reasons for postponement as well. Taking all information into account, there were many possible problems which could have caused the postponement of the next season.

However, the most important thing is that the speculations about Tokyo Ghoul Season 3 release date are still on and circulate on the web. The fact is that some episodes are already finished, but it will need a lot more than that for the show to get another season.

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