They don't usually promote their political views, but it appears that Meri, Janelle and Mariah Brown from Sister Wives weren't afraid to express some of what they feel when they attended the Women's March in Washington D.C. over the weekend.

In a digital exclusive with TLC, Mariah, Meri and Kody's only daughter who recently came out to the world as gay on an episode of the family's reality show, revealed that she marched in the event and discussed the experience.

"I really wanted to come to this march with some of my family and friends because it is something that is really important to me, it's something that's really important to all of them, and so it's really awesome to be here and experience it," she says in the clip.

In one shot, her mother, Meri, and Janelle can be seen marching behind her.

She also later discussed about how great the experience was for her, especially since it came after her public coming out.

"Today was really interesting because it was really my first time being out since coming out to the world, and there were some kids there that seemed like, really encouraged by that," she said.

"This event was really important to me because I felt kind of discouraged these past few months and this was something that was really important to me, and something that I was really excited to experience with people who I am so close with, and it meant, I think, empowerment," she added.

Unlike Mariah, who has spoken out about her participation in the march, Meri and Janelle have remained quiet about it on social media. It is unclear why they haven't vocalized why they were there, but their husband, Kody did retweet an article two days before the march about why the writer wouldn't be joining the protests.