Their latest season of their show has come to an end, and after a tumultuous period with endless rumors about what was going on behind closed doors, the Brown family from Sister Wives has spoken out about what's been said about them.

During their Tell-All special over the weekend, Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn addressed the bevy of rumors that have plagued the family in the last few months with host Andrea Canning, including ones which claimed that all four wives were planning to leave Kody, and that he was also considering adding someone new and creating a new dynamic with a fifth wife.

During a portion of the special which was devoted to the family addressing rumors head on, they discussed the ones which included Meri allegedly planning to move to Hawaii, Kody's plans to make Robyn's niece Mindy a fifth wife, and reports that Robyn had also left him.

Meri revealed that there was no truth to the rumors she had met a man in Hawaii and was planning to leave Kody for him, saying that she had been spending time in the state, but it was to visit friends who lived there, and there was no man she planned to run away with and get married to. The rumor was one which rang eerily similar to things that Meri had said to her catfisher the previous year when she was duped into believing she was discussing things with a man who did want to be with her, but Meri insisted this time around, she had no intentions or plans of leaving her 25+ year marriage with Kody behind.

Meri even joked about the rumors on Twitter during the show's taping, saying she couldn't believe the stuff that tabloids sometimes came up with.

The rumors that Robyn was also seeking to divorce Kody and move away to get her own spin-off show were also addressed, and revealed to be false, with Robyn insisting their marriage was still strong. Robyn didn't address the rumor on social media during the telecast of the special, though she had previously expressed confusion over it on social media back in November, when it first surfaced.

The family also addressed the rumor that Kody would take on Mindy as a fifth wife, which Kody shot down quickly, saying it also insulted him that people said he was looking for another wife solely to increase ratings for the show, with Robyn chiming in that her niece wasn't even Kody's type.

It is unclear if TLC will renew the show for a ninth season.