'Young Justice' Season 3 Has More Than One LGBTQ Characters; Khary Payton Blames 'Green Lantern' Movie For Show's Long Hiatus

In the much-awaited return of "Young Justice" Season 3, Khary Payton, the man behind the voice of Aqualad, revealed the reason for their hiatus blaming the "Green Lantern" film. Aside from that, the animated series' co-creator Greg Weisman also unveiled that there the show already has an LGBTQ member.

"Young Justice" Season 3 will be more diverse than before by including an LGBTQ cast. In a tweet exchange between Weisman and a fan, he was asked if there will be a representation of the said community in the upcoming new installment.

The co-creator then replied that there are already characters in the show that are part of the group, according to Comic Book. Greg Weisman just implied that there is more than one LGBTQ character already in the animated series. However, it is not yet revealed who exactly it is, thus fans are expecting to know who they are in "Young Justice" Season 3.

But, in another respond about the characters of the television series back in 2012, he said that they can't unveil who these individuals are. "I also believe we have differently oriented characters in the series, even though we're not allowed to mention it out loud," Weisman said. Hence, fans must be very fussy to know who they are in "Young Justice" Season 3.

Meanwhile, Khary Payton finally revealed why it takes five years before "Young Justice" Season 3 returns on the small screen. The voice actor revealed it has a connection with the release of Ryan Reynolds' "Green Lantern" movie.

However, it is not because of the movie itself but its toy line, according to another report by ComicBook. Khary Payton that they are all connected with the said film but since it didn't do well at the box office, Walmart and Target decided to "stop making toys" that fund the show, thus it takes quite awhile before "Young Justice" Season 3 has been made.

Nevertheless, they all survived that crisis and now returning to the small screen. "Young Justice" Season 3 is expected to be officially out this 2017.

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