"Teen Wolf" Season 6 is about to meet its end as the remaining 10 episodes are about to be dropped real soon. However, before fans finally witness the second half, the midseason finale left the viewers hanging that was intentionally made for a surprising chaotic return.

The show's executive producer Jeff Davis that the ending of "Teen Wolf" Season 6 first half was a "planned thing." "I didn't want to have a tag at the end leading into [Season 6B]," he told TVLine.

Jeff Davis explained that people are already tired of seeing and left with major cliffhangers and it is like selling the television series too much. This, too, implies that he doesn't want to give many details of what next to come, but he teased that fans are about to see familiar faces in "Teen Wolf" Season 6 with the return of some characters who haven't seen for a long time.

To recall, it was earlier announced that Rafael McCall, played by Matthew Del Negro before, Scott's (Tyler Posey) father is bound to return in "Teen Wolf" Season 6. Jeff Davis revealed that the agent will once again be seen "out of necessity."

In the return of "Teen Wolf" Season 6, fans are going to see Beacon Hills under a chaotic situation, thus Rafael McCall will be back as an FBI agent and a dad to Scott. The show's writer Will Wallace, on the other hand, hinted that the fictitious town will face another disaster in the hands of a new villain, BuddyTV reported.

"[There will be] multiple villains like every season, but the final season will have our toughest villain yet," Will Wallace said. In fact, he even added that the new enemy the werewolves are about to face will be the "best and scariest." MTV has yet to announce when it will finally drop the final 10 episodes of "Teen Wolf" Season 6.