"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers predict that a new character is being introduced into the CBS soap. A number of contestants were introduced, but now another one will enter the picture. Sally's (Courtney Hope) teenage sister, Coco (Courtney Grosbeck), will come in at Los Angeles.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" features RJ (Anthony Turpel) as the only teenager. Will Coco be his love now? There is all the possibility of an attractive romance, what with the atmosphere between the Spectra group as well as the Forresters becoming tense.

Hence, in the troubled atmosphere of "The Bold and the Beautiful," it might be RJ and Coco as the star-crossed lovers. Coco might appear to have inherited a few of Sally's characteristics, especially the negativity and sneakiness. Sally may even be trying to influence Coco.

But if Coco and RJ get along and Sally gets wind of it in "The Bold and the Beautiful," she may egg her sister to pull some strings on him. She might just hope that they would glean some inside information that can be used against the Forresters. Hence, Sally would do anything to get her company to move forward.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers project that Sally is trying to roughshod Forrester Creations, hoping to bring them down, according to Soaphub. Even as Sally has just six months to build up her fashion empire, she is convinced that she could achieve it only if she becomes dirty about it.

Meanwhile, what about Coco? Would she continue to be loyal to Sally and Spectra Fashions or pursue RJ? It might go either way, with Coco deciding to warm up to RJ at first, and then fall for him big time. It might even so happen that Coco sets off to be a spy for Sally, but then ditch her and pass on crucial details of Sally's design to RJ.

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