After Starz announced the official release of "Outlander" Season 3, new leaked photos from the show are now surfacing online. The snaps teased Claire Fraser's (Caitriona Balfe) storyline when she traveled to the 20th century.

The "Outlander" Season 3 photos tell a very important storyline from the Diana Gabaldon's third novel, "Voyager," which the third chapter is based. Warning: Major spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

To recall, Claire was planning to build a new life in a different country with her 20th-century husband, Frank Randall. They have both decided to co-parent her child with her 18th-century spouse, Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan). In "Outlander" Season 3, the photos showed how she will move on with her life without her kid's real father.

Bookworms who have already read "Voyager" know what will happen in "Outlander" Season 3, but it is not yet confirmed how Starz will depict the novel's story. By the looks of it, it will mostly feature the life of Claire with Frank in their 1960s version, according to Culturess.

Meanwhile, Starz recently announced the official return of "Outlander" Season 3 to the small screens. Enstarz previously reported that Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe will be once again seen together in September.

To recall, "Outlander" Season 3 began its production September 2016. The filming is set to finish in June this 2017. The show's shooting is located first in Scotland and will be moved to Cape Town, South Africa in March to feature the television series' summer scenes.

"Outlander" Season 3 cast and crew will be using the set left by another Starz television series, "Black Sails." This will feature the main voyage scenes of the show's last five episodes that will represent the Caribbean theme that has been described in "Voyager." Fans still have to wait a little longer to finally see the reunion of Claire and Jamie Fraser.