Rumors are flying once again that Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is preparing to leave husband Kody Brown.

According to Life & Style (via Hollywood Life), Robyn, Kody's fourth and currently only legal wife, is beginning to rethink the polygamist lifestyle because things have been so rocky and difficult with Kody for a while, and she's now ultimately prepared to cut ties with him and the rest of the family as rumors continue to surface that he is considering taking on a fifth wife.

Kendra Pollard, an alleged friend of the family who is often quoted as the source for stories about them, reportedly told the magazine that despite Kody promising he wouldn't add another wife into the mix, he's looking to court a 24-year-old wife, and Robyn is finally fed up.

"[Robyn's] always said that if he takes on new wives, she'll leave. Robyn has told friends she is going to divorce Kody," Pollard said. "She believes it is her only choice. She says he will be getting a rude awakening soon when he's served with papers."

In addition, Robyn is allegedly fed up over other issues with Kody, who Pollard claims is having an equivalent of a nervous breakdown over the family falling apart, the possibility that their show is at risk for cancelation, and their financial situation.

"Kody's totally spiraling out of control," she said. "She can no longer trust him. He is becoming a hothead, he has no filter and it is freaking Robyn out. They [used to] fight an yell at each other. Now Robyn simply ignored him, which makes him even more infuriated. Kody has a nasty tongue on him. Robyn told me how Kody said to her, 'you would not have any of this if it wasn't for me.' Kody has to be the king of his castle. Robyn used to be Kody's puppet. Now she's saying no."