Starz network's most awaited return of their sci-fi historical fantasy drama, Outlander season 3 has been anticipated by many fans this year. Even though there are still a few months left for it to come back on televisions, many updates and speculations have already been reportedly revealed.

Fans of Outlander season 3 have been waiting for more scenarios with the series' main actors, Caitriona Balfe, who portrays Claire Randall Fraiser, and Sam Heughan, who plays James "Jamie" MacKenzie Fraser. It has already been previously reported that Balfe revealed on more bed scenes to happen in season 3 between Claire and Jamie even though the characters are already not at a young age.

This time, according to Yahoo, an anticipated scenario on the Voyager book, which will be adapted on Outlander season 3, had reportedly been disclosed. As per the source, the cast and crew of the series have apparently finished filming on the first half of the show's upcoming season and have already started filming the other half.

Furthermore, the scenario that is to be adapted from the Voyager book to the upcoming Outlander season 3 will reportedly be the print shop scene. According to the report, the scene would feature Jamie and Claire after twenty years. Before that, the couple separated moments before the Battle of Culloden, in which Claire thought Jamie have died during the battle.

Meanwhile, on a report from TV Line, Balfe spilled some details about a scene from the series that was reportedly cut. The scene apparently involved Tim McInnerny's character, Father Bain, where it was previously planned out that he would be attacked by dogs in the particular scenario. However, things turned out bad for the actor as he actually got attacked for real by the dogs.

The Outlander actress added that the incident was the reason why some scenes from the series on its first and second season, which included dogs were decided to be cut from the episodes. This included one of her supposedly fights against a group of wolves, which was on the original Outlander book, got deleted by the director too.

Outlander season 3 is expected to return in September this year.