Amanda Bynes, who has been changing her look frequently lately, has bought more wigs, TMZ reported June 1. 

Bynes recently placed an order from Couture Princess Wigs for three Disney-inspired wigs. One Cinderalla wig, one Barbie and one Belle, the character from Beauty and the Beast. She placed the order on May 23, the day of her arrest, and the three wigs cost a total of $830.00.

The actress was arrested but released the next day without bail after her court appearance where she wore a blonde wig, which she used to cover her shaved head. 

She was then seen leaving a New York City salon in a brunette wig on May 25, the first time she emerged since her appearance after leaving court the day before

Bynes sent a series of tweets and noted she was looking to revamp her hairdo. She singled out rap star and fellow New Yorker Nicki Minaj as her inspiration.

"I need Nicki Minaj's wig person stat! :P," Bynes wrote. 

She also shared a few posts of ideal hair styles, including an image of exotic dancer Blac Chyna and another photo of Minaj in a highlighted blonde lace front wig.

Bynes was arrested for allegedly throwing a bong out of her apartment window on the 36th floor in Manhattan. She was assessed at Roosevelt Hospital before she spent a night in jail and appeared in court the next morning. After her arrest, her parents sought conservatorship, a legal move that would put her assets and her general well-being under their control.

When police initially arrested the star her booking photograph she was wearing the blonde wig but when NYPD officers took her mugshot Bynes was forced to remove the wig revealing she had cut all her hair off. The She's the Man actress who had blonde hair throughout her career now keeps a cropped hairstyle less than an inch short all over her head.