Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Chrissy Metz, Justin Hartley and a lot more graced the 34th annual PlayFest to talk about "This Is Us" Season 2. The upcoming next installment is now a talked-about after the previous season finale reached its all-time high ratings.

The show's executive producers John Requa and Glenn Ficarra revealed that "This Is Us" Season 2 is now in the works. "There have been advanced talks -- a lot of logistics discussions," Ficarra said (via Deadline). However, the program's writers have to continue their work in "June or early July" to get it going.

Ficarra also added that they have new writers on board for "This Is Us" Season 2. He, too, is proud of the show's storyline comparing it to a spider web that can go in different directions and dig deeper into the characters' life stories.

Also, Ficarra teased that Jack (Ventimiglia) and other characters will be seen in a different perspective in "This Is Us" Season 2. To recall, the first season ended when Jack walked out of the door after a big argument with Rebecca (Moore) regarding her singing career. This led to putting their marriage on the rocks.

Now, fans are wondering if this will be the end of their favorite couple incoming "This Is Us" Season 2. "For this great love story that they do have, I'm excited for them to get back together," Ventimiglia told TVGuide.

Ventimiglia believed that Jack and Rebecca have to overcome all the struggles they are facing and will still stick together in "This Is Us" Season 2. In fact, the 39-year-old actor didn't want to see this on-screen couple to end up their relationship just like that.

The "Gilmore Girls" star went on to explain that "nobody wants to see their mom and dad" breaking apart. Ventimiglia further explained that everyone has their own "fights and challenges," but things are still going to work out fine at the end of the day.

And this is what Ventimiglia's character as Jack is going to fight for in "This Is Us" Season 2. Meanwhile, relive the first season of the American television series through an online streaming on NBC's website.