Google Pixel 2 vs OnePlus 5: Which Phone Should Be Your Next?

Google Pixel 2 is coming, and rumors are circulating about the OnePlus 5, with a recent "Never Settle" wallpaper tease. But which phone would be the better choice of the two? 

The OnePlus 5 is famous for its moniker "flagship killer" and it delivers top of the line hardware at a fraction of the flagship cost. The Google Pixel 2 at launch would be priced higher than the Google Pixel, due to the fact that it would have more powerful hardware than the Pixel of 2016, which had a SnapDragon 821 SoC, 4GB of RAM and a host of other features.

The OnePlus 5 however, would cost less and would give more or less the same specifications. However, the OnePlus 5 would run on Lineage OS, and with Android O recently announced, it is plausible that the Pixel 2 would be the first Android O phone. As such, being a pure Google phone, users can get updates faster.

Recently the world got to see the OnePlus 3T Colette Midnight Black edition, and it was surprisingly beautiful. While the Pixel is not a good looking phone to behold due to its massive chin, it arguably is the best phone of 2016, thanks to its snappy performance.

As such, the Pixel 2 in 2017 might get an all glass design, just like OnePlus 5 rumors suggest. The OnePlus 5 will also be getting an all glass look, and both phones might rock IP68 certifications thanks to their all glass bodies.

The OnePlus 5 will be shipping with SnapDragon 835 SoC, 6GB or 8GB of RAM and a storage capacity of more 64GB and 128GB. On the other hand, the specs are similar to the Pixel 2, and the phone will ship with a 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, just like its predecessor.

The Google Pixel camera was touted to be the best camera in a smartphone by Marques Brownlee and it offered 12.3MP as its primary shooter. The OnePlus 5 however, might get a massive 23MP shooter with the latest Sony IMX sensor. However, it would be a close call in the camera and videography department. 

The only place where Google Pixel 2 bests the OnePlus 5 is its software, as the phone would be having the best-optimized software among all phones with Android O out of the box.

Stay tuned for more updates on Google Pixel 2 and OnePlus 5.


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