‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 88 preview shows Gohan and Piccolo’s training before the Tournament of Power

The preview trailer for "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88 is out and it briefly teases the intense training that Son Gohan must take under Piccolo's guidance before the Tournament of Power.

Fans will be able to see the two protagonists go out against each other in an intense sparring session in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88. Son Goku's son must do everything he can to fight off Piccolo's duplicating power and try to regain his former strength before the Tournament of Power officially starts.

"It's essential for Gohan to make a comeback in order for Universe 7 to claim victory at the Tournament of Power!" the official "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88 synopsis read, Comicbook reported. "His martial arts master Piccolo aims to sharpen Gohan's faded skills through one-on-one training, and tries to bring even more power out of him than he had in the past. And the result is...?!"

Meanwhile, Goku's voiceover in the "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88 preview expressed how grateful he is by his decision to train Gohan. The lead character even said that Piccolo is the only one that he can trust when it comes to training his son in martial arts. Fans can watch the trailer below as posted on YouTube.

It is still unsure if whether Gohan would be able to surpass his martial arts master in the training. But on another note, some viewers are beginning to wonder if Piccolo would receive a new power up. Some enthusiasts speculate that he could reach a new form, specifically the Red-Eyed Namekian state, as reports suggest.

It is said that this state would give the user tremendous power much like how the Saiyan race boost their energy when going Super Saiyan. However, there is no guarantee that this will come out in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88 - or even in future episodes of the current Universe Survival arc.

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