Riverdale Season 2: Top Five Archie Comics Characters That We Want to See Adapted To Television

The first season of Riverdale, the darker take on the classic Archie Comics, is officially behind us and boy, it was an epic roller coaster of events. With the show in its early stages of its hiatus until its upcoming spring season 2, we thought now would be the perfect time to explore characters that we hope will make the transition to the CW hit.

Not many of the minor characters from the comics got to shine and we think next season would be the best time to start introducing some new faces to the show. We listed our top five picks, which you can check out below.

1- Sabrina The Teenage Witch- Wasn't she supposed to be in the season finale? There were rumors floating around along with some quotes from a certain actor, but it now seems she had to be cut due to time limitations. However, that shouldn't stop producers from bringing her aboard for next season.

2- Chic Cooper- It seems like a given that we will see the oldest Cooper next season. Hopefully, he can bring along some interesting twists that will shake up the town.  

3- Mr. Svenson- Although his character seems pretty minor, he was an important character in the comics and always managed to shine. Whether he was showing off a secret talent, bailing out the gang by cleaning up after their messy shenanigans, or just being his quirky self, he was always memorable and it would be interesting to see what they would do with a darker version of him.

4- Alexander and Alexandra Cabot- These two are our personal guilty pleasures that we hope to see in the next season. Can you imagine the shenanigans they would get into when they're with Cheryl Blossom? We hope they will continue their hilarious bickering that they are known for if they are included in the next season.

5- Jellybean Jones- Introducing Jellybean to Riverdale would be the perfect addition to have amongst the collection of crazy characters. In a show full of murder, plotting, and scheming, it would be nice to have one character that is pure, innocent, and optimistic. Adding her character might even bring out the good in some characters, since they are shaping the world for the next generation that Jellybean could be the representation of.

So those are our picks, what are yours? Did you love Riverdale as much as we did? Let us know in the comments below. 

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