We didn't think we'd say it after the uneasy feelings the promos gave us back before its debut, but we are really going to miss Riverdale.

The first season of CW's Riverdale which aired its finale last night, tells the story of the darker sides of the happy go lucky town of the same name. When a star athlete goes missing, heroes emerge that try to solve the answers of just what went down. Using their wit, family connections, and unsupervised sleuthing, the group emerges victorious, solving the mystery once and for all, though it doesn't seem that the town will ever be able to get back to their original innocent way of life. Last night during the finale, even more damage was shown to have been done than the actual murder, which throughout the season occasionally takes a back seat to the characters' cliche teenage woes. The show's second season is scheduled to premier this fall.

With a show that seemed to have everything going against it, what with its drastic changes and darker tone, Riverdale turned out to be a pleasant surprise that really brought us in with its mysterious quality. Based on the classic Archie ComicsRiverdale's biggest turn from the source material is its decision to make its first season focus around the murder mystery plotline.

Revolving around the death of a minor character from the comics, Jason Blossom, the tragedy is just the spark that would ignite the flames of chaos in a town where a facade stands that makes everyone seem happy and perfect. However, when the layers start to peel away, the rotting deceptions have no where to hide, thus turning the entire town upside down into a violent mess. Soon enough, everyone's secrets start coming out, and the results are bloody.

While Jason Blossom's murderer was revealed at the season's end, the real mystery of the show still lingers. Questions are still left unanswered, and though it was one person who pulled the trigger, in a sense many characters share blame in the sequence of events that lead to Jason's death. The season's finale ended on a bit of a gimmicky cliffhanger (now there's a fitting pun), but next season we hope to see the lasting effects that Jason's death will have on the Riverdale inhabitants. In just the short time that the season covered, certain characters went through horrific experiences such as watching a murder, discovering game-changing lies within their family's home, and had their realities shattered when their darkest secrets were shared with the entire community. It would be a shame if the show just proceeded forward next season without focusing some time on the lasting effects such events would have on a person's psyche.

Riverdale won us over with its story and characters. Incredible performances from Dylan Sprouse and Lili Reinhart steal their scenes with heart and raw emotion. The story is greatly aided in their stellar work. The cast member who surprised us the most was Camila Mendes, who gives a compelling performance as Veronica Lodge. As a diehard fan of the Betty in the comics, we did not expect to love Veronica nearly as much as we did. Funnily enough, of all the character we disliked Archie the most, whose plot line for most of the season fell rather flat for us.

So those are our thoughts, what are yours? Which characters from the comics do you hope to see make an appearance next season? Let us know in the comments below.