Dancing with the Stars Season 24 Finale: Breaking Down The Final 3 and Winner Predictions for Normani Kordei (VIDEO)

Tonight is part one of the season 24 Dancing With The Stars finale. The final four will be performing their last dances, and tomorrow the winner will be announced. The jam packed finale starts tonight at 8 p.m. 

How on earth did we end up with this final 3? If you've been watching this season, you'll know that there have been some bizarre results. After first losing Heather Morris and now Simone Biles, the one certainty left is that Normani Kordei appears to be running away with the competition. With shock after shock elimination, there isn't anything that would really surprise us this season. What we will say though is that of the remaining competitors, it would be an absolute travesty if Kordei didn't end up winning. With Biles gone, who appeared to be Kordei's only real competition, tonight's show seems to just be a victory march for the Fifth Harmony member.

All of our ranting aside, let's break down our remaining contestants in the order that we predict they will end up placing. Going into the finale, the remainder of the game seems pretty open and shut.

3- David Ross- Ross is lucky to still be here. How he managed to outlast Morris and Biles goes beyond our comprehension. But it goes to show what a strong fanbase can do. If he makes it any further than third place tonight something went horribly wrong.

2- Rashad Jennings- Jennings is going to be solidly taking second place. Though he has given the competition his all, we just see no way he tops the beast that is the Fifth Harmony legion of fans pulling for Kordei. He had a heck of a run though, and we think placing second is the best case scenario he could have hoped for going into this season.

1- Normani Kordei- Yeah, Kordei is going to be the one to take the crown. The other contestants' fanbases are not nearly as dominating as hers, and we think she has this competition basically wrapped up for her. Still though, with her strong dances we also can't say she doesn't deserve the win.

So those are our thoughts, what are yours? Do you think there is any chance that Kordei won't win this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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