We now get to see the drama between Bow Wow and his newest girlfriend, Joie Chavis, who is also the mother of his child on WeTV's latest reality series, Growing Up Hip Hop.

Chavis and Bow Wow have a daughter, Shai, together. It looks like after his relationships with other famous ladies, like Erica Mena of VH1's Love and Hip Hop New York, he decided to get back together with Chavis. Their relationship could be a major part of the season after she confronted him for posting inappropriate pictures and videos on Instagram in Thursday's episode.

"I've been with you for years. We've been through so much for you to humiliate me and embarrass me. I've had your kid. I've never put you on blast. I've never embarrassed you the way you've embarrassed me."

When Bow Wow, whose real name is Shad Moss, asked what he actually did, Chavis brought up his posts on social media.

"You humiliate me with your Instagram. Do you know how that makes me feel?"

Bow Wow realized that she saw a post that another woman shared of him in a bed with three other women at a party. The woman used his name as a hashtag and Chavis saw it. He confessed that he would have to make a change sooner than later.

Chavis said his actions made her feel like a "rebound" but Bow Wow said that's not true.

"You're my daughter's mom, you're never a rebound," Bow Wow said in an attempt to reassure her. But Chavis said that wasn't enough and he should think about that when he's around other women.

He later told cameras, "Joie could definitely be the one. But she's caught me in a lot of [mess]. Now she's done with it."

Chavis also told the rapper and actor to stop "popping up" at her house because that was confusing their daughter.

Take a look.

Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta airs Thursdays at 10/9c on WeTV.