Last night was the premiere of season three for Fear The Walking Dead and it brought quite a few large revelations. Surrounded by the classic zombie terrors of the night, the season premiere brought an ominous tone which is likely to continue for the rest of the season. Along with a shocking death of a major character, the first episode did not spare any expense on gory moments.

Across social media, fans are already hard at work speculating on how the rest of the season is likely to go. When it came to the greatest moments of the premiere, the top three biggest ones are listed below.

1- There Are Still Some Remains Of The "Civilized" World- For a world in the zombie apocalypse, there seemed to be few groups of people shown in the premiere trying to maintain a facade fitting of the "civilized" world. However, as fans of Fear The Walking Dead have grown accustomed to know, if a community has made it far into the apocalypse, it is probably because they are doing some shady things to survive.

2- Travis Manawa Dies- The most shocking moment of the premiere came when the main character, Travis Manawa, was killed. Manawa was shot in the neck while flying away on a helicopter from a military base with the dead. From falling off the helicopter, it doesn't seem likely that he will "pull a Glenn" and survive an impossible situation.

3- Strand Is Playing Doctor At The Hotel Base- Iconic badass, Victor Strand, has been making a name for himself back at the hotel from last season. Away from the main characters, he has been passing himself as a doctor in order to gain favor from the other people living there. Though he was soon found out and told to leave the hotel, the most hilarious moment in the episode was when he found out he would have to deliver a baby.

Fear The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 9 p.m. followed by The Talking Dead, which recaps the episode and features interviews with key cast members.  RegularThe Walking Dead will return this coming fall.