Rasheeda might candidly share her thoughts on claims that her husband Kirk Frost has a secret child on VH1's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. But she went even more into depth on how she's coping with the news that plays out in front of millions every week.

"I feel like I've been built up to learn how to facilitate things that come to me in my life," she said in the latest issue of Her Magazine. "I gotta be strong for my family. I'm not going to let some people who think they know me come off of one or to two or three minutes my break down. I'm not gonna do it. At the end of the day, it comes with the territory and I realize it is what it is. And if they keep talkin about you, than evidently you poppin'!"

Rasheeda's comments come after a girl named Jasmine Washington showed up on this season of the popular reality series. She said that Rasheeda's husband, Kirk, had an affair with her and that she became pregnant by him. Washington added that Kirk paid her to stay quiet about their secret child together. Even more shocking news surfaced after Kirk refused to adhere and comply with Rasheeda's demand for him to take a paternity test so he could either prove Washington right or wrong.

Interestingly enough, another guy appeared on the show recently and said that he believed he was the father of the child. The storyline continues with the reunion taping that happened last week. Rumor has it that the child really wasn't the other guy's and it's not Kirk's either. There's also speculation that Kirk and Rasheeda created the storyline for more attention this season.

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