Acclaimed actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, recently signed an agreement with Mexico's president, Enrique Pena Nieto, and the country's richest man, Carlos Slim.

The agreement aims to protect an endangered species of porpoises, also known as vaquita, which is located in the Gulf Of California. There is only two dozen remaining.

The crisis was brought about due to fishermen using unauthorized gillnets to catch fish, which has been killing vaquita porpoises that get caught in it.

"Mexico understands its responsibility as one of the countries with greatest biodiversity," he said. "That is why we have implemented a historic effort to avoid the extinction of a unique species in the world and also to protect important ecosystems," Peter Nieto shared in a statement with The Hollywood Reporter.

Carlos Slim is in the agreement as well. Not only is he a billionaire telecommunications tycoon, but he is the wealthiest man in Mexico. He and DiCaprio will be funding organizations that will try to protect the porpoises.

The three aim to eradicate gillnet usage in the area. At first, gillnets were temporarily banned, however, with the agreement the ban is now permanent.

"This action is a critical step towards ensuring that the Gulf of California continues to be both vibrant and productive, especially for species like the critically endangered vaquita," DiCaprio said.

With the foundations that Slim and DiCaprio are funding, the remaining vaquita will be caught and placed in protected conservation areas.