Fans of Bravo's Married to Medicine saw what appeared to be a downward spiral of drama between Jackie Walters and her husband, Curtis. Now, we know what's going on with them as the show has started filming for season five.

The latest is that Curtis has been accused of cheating on his physician wife.

Apparently, the woman who he cheated with was not aware that Curtis is a married man. She found out after a picture of them hanging out together made its way around the biggest blogs and entertainment news websites as well as to his wife, Jackie.

Interestingly enough, the two were seen filming a scene together as they enjoyed a picnic in Piedmont Park. One insider has revealed why.

"Dr. Jackie and Curtis are trying to work things out," one insider told Urban Belle Magazine earlier this week. Fans will see the process in the newer episodes as the source added, "It will all play out on the show."

The source revealed if divorce is in the future for the reality star and her husband.

"Right now things are going good but they are taking it day by day. Dr. Jackie is very optimistic and believes they will stay together."

Jackie and Curtis hit a rough patch in the previous season after they disagreed about having children.

Jackie was told it would be nearly impossible for her to conceive and the two often argued over whether or not they should adopt.

That was simply the beginning of their troubles together that lasted throughout the season. Curtis also accused his wife of putting her career as a doctor before him.

As of the reunion, it wasn't clear what direction Curtis and Jackie were headed toward when it comes to their marriage.

Married to Medicine returns to Bravo later this year. Be sure to keep up with Enstars for more.