DeMario Jackson decided not to return to ABC's Bachelor In Paradise after his former co-star, Corinne Olympios, accused him of sexually assaulting her on set.

Jackson was cleared of all of the accusations after his lawyer and the studio, Warner Bros., reviewed the tapes of what really happened between Jackson and Olympios.

But it looks like Jackson living under scrutiny between the time of the allegations and the reports that he was cleared, proved to be too much for him.

Insiders told TMZ on Thursday that Jackson went through anxiety during the time of the controversy.

He has gone as far as seeking professional help and is now seeing a therapist. They said he is not happy that his name could always be connected to the sex scandal despite being proven innocent.

Jackson was invited back to the show, but he declined the offer. However, more sources say that he hasn't responded to Warner Bros. wanting him to come back on the reality show.

Meanwhile, it doesn't look like Jackson wants to steer clear of the spotlight just yet. He is said to be tossing out his reality TV lifestyle and trading it in for a career as an on-air personality.

As for Olympios, she won't be coming back to the series or any show connected to The Bachelor.

Filming for the show stopped during the time of the investigation and has now resumed.

While it's been made clear the tapes will not be released, Jackson is hoping one day they will. He said if people ever do see it, they'll realize that didn't do anything wrong.

TMZ reported recently that people who saw the tape said Olympios was completely "lucid" and some even said she was the "aggressor."

Jackson has said he's not upset with Olympios.