Many fans were disappointed when it was announced that a guy other than Peter Kraus would be the next Bachelor on ABC. But there’s still hope for Kraus to be the main star.

Will he be The Bachleor in 2019?

“I think he’ll be ‘The Bachelor’ next year,” Chris Bukowski said during an interview with Life & Style magazine Thursday. Bukowski competed in the same season as the new bachelor, Arie Luyendyk, Jr. for the love and affection of Emily Maynard. “Arie had the same cult following [that Peter now does] so he’s like the Arie, essentially.”

As for Luyendyk becoming the official next bachelor, Bukowski said he’s all for it.

“I love it. I texted him this morning [because] he starts filming tonight. He’s going to be a good ‘Bachelor’ because he’s a real bachelor, in real life. I’m not sure if he’s going to be one who’s getting married to whomever he chooses, but I think he’s going to be really good for the show.”

He added that he thinks Luyendyk is a great guy to bring back the nostalgic feeling of the series.

“I think this ‘Bachelor’ generation – I call them the ‘Instagram Generation’ – is more about getting sponsored ads on Instagram, more about fame than when I started in 2012. So, I think [Arie] will be good to bring the show back to ‘The Golden Age.’”

While Bukowski has no problem supporting his former co-star or even Kraus, he’s not completely against his own chance of being The Bachelor one day.

“I absolutely would,” he said. “Not in a heartbeat, though. It has to be the right situation. You know, just like Michael Jordan can go play baseball, I can come back better. I’m only 21, so I think I have a couple years left. I’m not dating anyone now so it would be the perfect time to go back… or it could be the worst time.”

The Bachelor returns in January 2018. Be sure to keep up with Enstars for the latest.