Masika Kalysha might star in VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood but she’s made it clear she’s livid with the network after it did cut out major details of her life on Monday night’s episode.

“Side bar [forget] you @VH1 for deleting me talking about my miscarriage in ep 10! Told my PR they had to delete for ‘legal purposes’ buuuuttt…”

She went on to point out her fellow stars of the Love & Hip Hop whose miscarriages were shown on the franchise.

“Big nia was legal sayin she had a miscarriage season 2? Bambi? Morgan?” Masika questioned. “Everyone is legal but me huh? But it was legal to keep all the Slander? & letting LieZell drag & nazel he fat shame me at 11 weeks pregnant was legal huh VH1 but u deleted the real [stuff] I went through...”

She went on to say this isn’t the first time the network has been selective when it came to what portions of her life it wanted to show in front of millions. “No surprise,” she added. “They ALWAYS delete the real [stuff] to promote the lies. Anything positive I say about my relationship with my child’s father… NEVER makes the final cut. Some how they accidentally seem to slip all [of] the lies from the $500 an episode extra's in..."

She continued with her solution of simply producing her own show. “…oh wait. I already did that… stay tuned…”

But she wasn’t done after that. She also tweeted, “I have some really amazing layers so @VH1 hep me understand it’s legal to air coke wh*res spreading lies about Xanax and plan B pills.. But it’s not legal for me to finally say the truth about Fairy tale Beautiful relationship I had with my child father huh…”

She ended with saying she’s the one who’ll get “the last laugh…”

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1. Be sure to keep up with Enstars for the latest.