New doctor Lauren caused a major strain in Callie Torres and Arizona Robbins' relationship in the season 9 finale of Grey's Anatomy and fans are left wondering if she will return to cause more havoc when season 10 begins in the fall.  

Played by White Collar star Hilarie Burton, Lauren had an affair with Arizona in the hospital on-call room, though the latter is in a relationship with Callie. Arizona felt guilty about the cheating and after Callie found out - by putting together clues on her own - the couple got into an argument that may have been intense enough to end their relationship.

All the unresolved feelings when it came to Arizona's amputation following the plane crash rose in the conversation, with her saying that she still cannot forgive Callie for cutting off her leg. Will Lauren be there to help Arizona get through her potential breakup?

CarterMatt reported Thursday that a Lauren return to the medical drama is a likely "no" for now. According to TVLine, there is no sign yet of Burton playing Lauren again in season 10, though production is still very early in the process so things can change. The writers have long started work on new stories but in the span of the season's 24 episodes, storylines can be constantly changed.

The show's executive producer, Shonda Rimes, tweeted on June 7 "Scandal Writers Room and Greys Writers Room shut down today for our break." She did not specify when writers would get back to work on season 3 and 10 of the shows, respectively.

Burton may be too busy to even return to the series, according to the report. She has a TV Movie titled The List currently in pre-production and is expected to return to White Collar sometime in the future.

In 2009, Burton married to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who ironically had a starring role in Grey's Anatomy as Izzie Stevens' (Katherine Heigl) lover Denny Duquette, Jr. The couple together have a son, Augustus "Gus" Morgan. Many known Burton from her starring role in CW's One Tree Hill, which aired from 2003-2012.