In the fourth episode of The Assassination of Gianni Versace, we're continuing backwards through Andrew Cunanan's past, long before he decided to make his way to Miami.

As audiences have already witnessed two of Cunanan's murders, the two that occurred in the "The House by the Lake" episode were pretty brutal.

The latest episode reveals Cunanan's way of worming himself into people's lives before he flips out on them. This time Cunanan is in Mineappolis with an architect, David Madson. It appears that the two have an intimate but tense relationship as Cunanan is weary of Madson's relationship with his friend, Jeff Trail.

In the first few minutes, Madson learns from his company that he will be able to give a big presentation. Appearing sinister as usual, Cunanan claims that he is happy for him.

Following the brief conversation the buzzer rings. It's Cunanan's friend, Trail. This is where Cunanan's jealousy is sparked as he bitterly mentions that he wants Madson to bring Trail up to the apartment so that they can discuss him.

Things take a turn when Trail enters Madson's apartment but is cruelly beaten by Cunanan with a hammer right in front of Madson.

Madson, of course, is completely stunned by the incident that he can't move. As he is still in a daze, Cunanan tries to comfort him but manipulates him so that he doesn't call the police.

"They'll lock you up too, people hate us for being gay, your dad will have to turn you in if you tell him," Cunanan said.

Madson then faces a difficult ultimatum: should he call the cops anyway or possibly be Cunanan's next victim? He continuously tries to use subtle tactics to get away from Cunanan, but of course they don't work.

Later, the police as well as Madson's co-worker and landlord decide to search his apartment. By this time the "partners in crime" are long gone but unfortunately left the most revealing clue behind: Trail's body rolled into a rug.

The Love Triangle

As the two make their way out of Minneapolis, Madson is terrified but looks at the getaway as a correlation to his relationship with his father. The episode is titled "The House by the Lake" because at the core of the episode Madson fantasizes about the place he went to with his father when he was younger. As his mind wanders he starts to think about how his parents will react when they find out what happened.

Although they have made it to a bar, Madson continues to struggle with his decisions, which then leads him to question whether he should escape out of a restaurant bathroom while Cunanan sits at a table in the bar. Too afraid to leave, he returns back inside the bar with Cunanan.

After grabbing something to eat and reminiscing on the past, Madson and Cunanan get back in the car. Madson begins to question everything all over again and begins to believe that Trail's murder was planned all along.

As Madson continues to bring up the past, Cunanan begins to question if he really wants to build a future with him.

Although the extent of their relationship probably wouldn't have lasted long either way, Madson finally decides to make his move and escape from Cunanan. He falls asleep in the car and then wakes up to realize two things: 1) he doesn't have any shoes on and 2) Cunanan is nowhere in sight.

Running through the bushes hoping to meet freedom, Madson runs into Cunanan, who shoots him in the back.