Late-night host James Corden looks set to throw his cute and cuddly reputation out the window with a new Fifty Shades-esque skit.

Red Room Of Trains

The spoof, which premiered on Tuesday night's Late Late Night, sees Corden inviting Mr. Grey himself, Jamie Dornan, to his very own "playroom." The two men, dressed in suits, stand outside the door speaking earnestly to tease the audience before the big reveal.

"It's important that you know you can leave at any time. I meant what I said. My helicopter's on standby to take you wherever you want to go," Corden says, mimicking the oft-criticized prose of E.L. James' novels.

Naturally, Corden's playroom isn't filled with the kind of BDSM tools familiar to fans of the mega-hit franchise, but rather classic toy trains. Dornan is completely enamored with the display, leading Corden to place a red bandana over his eyes before moving it onto his neck and then crowning him with a striped hat.

"Call me signal master," he says.

The two happily play together in Corden's secret room until Dornan makes the mistake of referencing classic tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, which is a step too far for the late-night host.

"You sick, sick b******d. Get out. Leave! That's disgusting," Corden cries.

Fifty Shades Freed, the final installment in the trilogy, hits theaters Friday. The film is projected to earn about $33 million in its opening weekend, with fans given the opportunity to visit Mr. Grey's playroom in more than 3,700 locations across the country. Likewise, it should do well thanks to Valentine's Day falling midweek.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson return as BDSM-loving couple Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, alongside Rita Ora, Eric Johnson, Marcia Gay Harden, and many more. The first two films, 2015's Fifty Shades of Grey and 2017's Fifty Shades Darker, grossed almost $950 million worldwide.

In a recent interview with ET, Johnson admitted that it takes a lot of mental preparation on her part to get ready for the infamous sex scenes in the movie. The actress also revealed that the so-called Red Room sequences never got any easier throughout filming the three movies. The two actors have reportedly always had trouble getting along with each other, but both Johnson and Dornan were at pains to tell reporters that they are very close.

Fifty Shades Freed was filmed simultaneously with its predecessor for a reported budget of $55 million. A teaser trailer released last September clocked up more than 100 million views, with the full video making double that just a couple months later. The tagline "don't miss the climax" seems to be responsible for much of the film's pre-release hype.