Saturday Night Live made a fake yet believable deleted scene for Black Panther in its recent episode, which sees actor Sterling K. Brown return to Wakanda to host the show.

Deleted Scene

The comedy sketch follows Chris Redd as T'Challa on his journey to the mystical purple-skied Djalia to meet his Black Panther predecessors. There he meets his great-great-grandfather, portrayed by Brown, and great aunt, played by Leslie Jones, who tells him that the souls of all his ancestors reside in Djalia too. The spirit of those who married into the family all lives in the realm.

In comes Uncle M'Butu, portrayed by Kenan Thompson, grilling some frozen lion cheeseburgers. M'Butu was married to a member of the Dora Milaje. However, he ended up in Djalia after he asked his wife to grow some hair because he was "sick of making love to Michael Jordan." He said the last thing he remembered before waking up in the realm was talking to his wife about wearing a wig.

"You know how my old lady is one of them bald warrior women who guard the king? The other night, I suggested maybe she wear a wig, you know, just to be playful," M'Butu told T'Challa.

"And now I'm here in what I guess is heaven, but I have one question for y'all: Where's the weed at?" he added.

Aside from weed, M'Butu is trying to get his hands on some vibranium to make him powerful. After all, he is stuck with a warthog as his spirit animal and an ostrich for his ride while everyone gets to ride a war rhino and have a panther for their spirit animal.


It is amusing to watch Thompson (Kenan & Kel) force himself to eat the frozen cheeseburger. Brown almost broke out laughing when he saw the Saturday Night Live alum duel with the frozen food. The rest came close to cracking up when Thompson started shouting the opening to the Lion King song "The Circle of Life" to his burger. Regardless, thumbs up to the cast in the fake deleted scene from Black Panther, because they managed to hold it together until the end of the skit.

Thompson's M'Butu is not canon although the rest of the characters in the Saturday Night Live Black Panther deleted scene are from the original movie. Brown plays N'Jobu, the father of Killmonger and T'Challa's uncle. Meanwhile, Chadwick Boseman plays T'Challa or the titular character and Michael B. Jordan portrays the antagonist Killmonger.