13 Reasons Why Season 2: Teaser Released, Premiere Date Revealed


13 Reasons Why Season 2 is finally happening and will see light on May 18 on Netflix. The newest trailer revealed those details, and some tidbits to expect on the second run of the hit series.

Netflix had dropped the trailer for the much-awaited and controversial 13 Reasons Why Season 2 and it packed more punch and left more things to ponder on than ever. The second run of the suicide teen drama was said to be "unexpected" because of the mixed reactions it got after its very graphic portrayal of suicide in the show, which ignited a debate on the pressing issue.

The more than 90-second trailer showed familiar faces from the first season of 13 Reasons Why, as well as new cast members. But what's different is that, Season 2 won't be about mix tapes anymore, which was how the story went for the first run.


This time, the trailer hinted that polaroids will be essential in the 13 Reasons Why season 2. The clip showed the characters with the polaroids revealing what they are really heading to. Alisha Boe's Jessica Davis can be seen looking at her smartphone seemingly happy, though it was revealed that someone is trying to silence her. Her character was raped during the first season.

Guidance counselor Kevin Porter (Derek Luke) was in his office and one polaroid showed that Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) was confiding things to him and another one showed how terrible he felt. Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice), meanwhile, can be seen pouring some liquor, and beside him was a girl, Chloe (new cast Anne Winters), as polaroids hinted the rapist's hidden agenda.

Olivia Baker (Kate Walsh), Hannah's mom, was shown putting pieces of the puzzle together as she tries to solve her daughter's mysterious suicide. Last, Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) was suiting up, as he was set to appear in court. He also picked up a polaroid which had Hannah's face, and at the back it read: "The tapes were just the beginning."

The trailer finally gave hints as to how the second season of 13 Reasons Why will fare. The first run showed why Hannah took her own life, which were detailed in several mix tapes. The series finale had left a lot of holes in the different story arcs of the remaining characters that had somehow affected Hannah.

"A series of ominous Polaroids lead Clay and his classmates to uncover a sickening secret and a conspiracy to cover it up," Netflix said.

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