Keeping Up With The Kardashian: 3 Things Fans Can Expect From Season 18!

"Keeping Up with The Kardashians" will still keep up with their fans with its plan for a Season 18!

The Kardashian sisters Khloe, Kim and Kourtney appeared on an exclusive with Entertainment Tonight where the eldest revealed that they were also filming the Season 18 at the same time with the interview.

Assumptions surfaced earlier this year that KUWTK will be ending its long-time reality series with Season 17. Throughout the season, however, the Kardashian-Jenner clan appeared to have an infinite list of wild and engaging stories that hooked its viewers more.

Since Kourtney already spoiled their fans about the ongoing filming of KUWTK Season 18, here are the three possible scenarios people can anticipate about the show:

1. Kourtney Leaving the Kardashians?

Kourtney only wants something for this coming holiday: a break (and that includes leaving the show).

The 40-year-old reality TV star announced her intention of leaving KUWTK during the first part of the Entertainment Tonight interview. Kourtney said that she has been wanting to focus most of her time on being a mom and putting her energy in there. However, she left a hint that if the plan pushed through, it would not be a final farewell.

It was not the first time Kourtney had thoughts about quitting, though.

In May 2019, she had an interview with "Paper" and revealed that she wanted to "sail away" so no one can see her ever again. As part of the "sail away" plan, she went overseas but could not find a place that she likes.

The idea of deserting again floated during an interview on "The Real" where Kourtney said that she wishes to finally have her moments [away from the show] because "life is short."

2. Rob Kardashian's Comeback

With Kourtney leaving the show, there is a vast probability that her brother Rob Kardashian will be back on the show.

After years of taking a hiatus, the former "Keeping Up with The Kardashians" star is expected to participate in this year's family holiday card and even in KUWTK's filming again.

Rob went through depression and abrupt weight gain while spending a legal battle with his daughter's mother. The worsened situation kept him away from the camera and his family -- and it even forced him to sell half of his graphic sock company "Arthur George" to his mom, Kris Jenner.

Notwithstanding the shortcomings, Rob managed to lose around 30 to 50 pounds in October 2019 and posted on his Instagram page his now-slimmer physique while wearing a "Trolls" Halloween costume next to his mother.

Even Kris is hopeful about his possible comeback.

"These are memories to have on film for Kris and she's such a family person," an insider told HollywoodLife. "She's hopeful that in due time, it'll happen."

3. KUWTK but Only with Kim and Khloe?

During the same interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Kardashian sisters were asked about the possible spinoff of KUWTK.

"Just Kim and Khloe," Kim said, publicly excluding Kourtney from their plans.

The two sisters plans to take the spinoff in Calabasas where their families can live together in a condo and see how that goes. The said spinoff might be considered as the show's next season.

People may have rejoiced, but not Kourtney who seeme desperate to take a break

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