[WATCH] 2019 Sexiest Man Alive John Legend Gets Serenaded the Most 'Perfectly Imperfect' Way

John Legend made hit songs for his fans since he debuted in the early 200s. Now, he receives something special back.

The newly crowned "People's Sexiest Man Alive" was a guest host for "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Friday, and he magnificently made the audience resonate with him.

"I love to serenade people. But sometimes, it's nice to be serenaded, too, you know?" Legend started.

The 40-year-old singer cheekily told the audience, who seemed to be clueless, about the surprise performance. Legend informed the patrons about the microphone they needed to pass around and sing the lyrics one after another.

Before the show officially commenced, a pre-recorded video of the spectators singing his 2013 hit-song "All of Me" was shown. The video made everyone laughed as soon as they started to watch the "presentation" on the studio's big screen.

However, the audience-turned-singers took the song to the next level when they chanted it with imperfect lyrics, which Legend still found "imperfectly perfect."

The lyrics "What would I do without your smart mouth" became "sweet mouth," and it started the craze of altered lyrics until the end. One man made it hilarious even more when he forgot the lyrics, while some also replaced the words just to fully sing their parts.

The out-of-this-world production brought claps and cheers in the end. They also got a compliment from the original singer, who told them that it was nice that he finally knew "what they think Legend is singing."

"All of me, thanks all of you," the EGOT winner told the audience.

Jealous Chrissy Teigen?

Legend offered another surprise to his fans and live audience when the edited version of his music video for "All of Me" played on the screen.

Ellen DeGeneres replaced Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen in the new video while dancing and flipping her blonde wig. He warned the people not to tell her wife about the clip since "she will be very, very, very jealous" of DeGeneres.

Legend's first guest-hosting, however, made even more special when his wife did the famous Ellen scares and jumped off from the table next to John to surprise him.

"What are you f---ing doing?!" Teigen shrieked as she scared her husband. She immediately covered her face after realizing that she just swore.

After Legend helped her to get out of the box, she told him that hiding in the box for a long time was the "hardest thing she had ever done."

The hilarious husband and wife made the show livelier, with their fans asking Legend to host the show sometime again.

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