Ian Somerhalder played the role of a vampire on "The Vampire Diaries" for eight seasons, leaving a vampire and teen show legacy with the iconic TV character Damon Salvatore.

Now, fans can see the actor return on a Netflix series in a series based on the graphic novel by Jonathan Maberry. The new show titled "V Wars" is about vampires, but only this time, Ian will not be the hunter.

Somerhalder will play as the scientist Dr. Luther Swann, and he will be the one hunted.

What Is V Wars About?

 "V Wars" is about an epidemic of the first Vampire War, from the violent murders executed by the newly affected to the full-out combats with vampire radical cells and peace-mongering parties.

Somerhalder's character will try to stop a vampire epidemic.

Aside from being the star of the show, Somerhalder also produced and directed an episode. According to Ian, the scientific aspect of the show is what makes it more "grounded" than any typical vampire series.

"It deals with the things we're dealing with in our world right now. These things aren't just happening in our echo chambers. They're happening around the world," Somerhalder said.

"The virus comes about as a result of rampant glacial deterioration. Ice is melting and exposing pathogens, viruses, bacteria that could make the bubonic plague look like a chickenpox party."

The cast of "V Wars" include Laura Vandervoort, Peter Outerbridge, Jacky Lai, Kyle Breitkopf and Kimberly-Sue Murray. These characters have an important role in Luther's evolution as he dives deeper into a terrifying new world.

This new Netflix original will add a nice twist to the vampire genre, since in "V Wars," an ancient virus creates vampires.

These vampires, however, are so different from the ones we know in Mystic Falls, as the they are highly threatening and very hungry.


The show blends the idea of the supernatural with sci-fi. With that said, in many ways, it is more like "The Walking Dead" meets "The Passage" -- which was recently canceled.

V Wars and Vampire Diaries

Good news to all "The Vampire Diaries" fans: this show shares many comparisons with it despite being grounded in different vampire folklores.

Damon from TVP and his brother, Stefan, share a deep family bond that made them both frightening and fast when trying to protect each other.

In "V Wars," Luther and Michael Fayne are not blood brothers, but they are best friends. They have a brotherly bond. Luther has a longing to save Michael from becoming a vampire, and because of Michael, Luther is the one leading to find a cure.

"The Vampire Diaries" and "V Wars" also deal with vampire beginning narratives, so if you are a sucker for a classic tale of someone being gnawed and turning into a predator, then this show is for you.

There is also a romance factor in both shows. Remember when Elena had to pick between Damon and Stefan? While the Netflix series will not have the same romantic undertone, it is less about love and romance but more on a war between two different social divisions.

The two shows will also feature the blurred lines between good and evil, but "V Wars" has a more mature subject matter.

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